Giving Back

Our military service members sacrifice the ultimate for our freedoms. They do so voluntarily! This example is one we should all abide by…  giving to one another in service to our communities and our country.

We are here to support those who serve by giving them some peace of mind that their loved ones left behind will be taken care of. Even if it’s just with a bag of groceries, a ride to the doctors appointment, help paying the electric bill. At times, there is no “system” in place to help these families… that is where Poker Gives steps in.  And you can help!

There are many ways you can help….


gift1Special Occasions

For any special occasion, you can make a donation to help deserving military families. Poker Gives will send an acknowledgement card to the person you wish to honor letting them know that a gift was made in their name.


inmemoryIn Memory

Perhaps you have a loved one you would like to donate in their memory.  You can support Poker Gives in the name of a loved one by creating a memorial fund. Perhaps you have a special event in mind to celebrate their life?  We are happy to explore options with you and create something that is long lasting and a uniquely perfect remembrance.

timeYour Time

Volunteering is the greatest gift of all. Your time is precious and to give it in the service of others, is a gift that feeds us all. You can volunteer at our events, or to fund raise, or perhaps you have a specialty talent we can utilize?  Feel free to contact us so we can discuss it further.




We accept donations of any amount.  All donations are greatly appreciated!

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