What Does Poker Gives Do?

Poker Gives raises funds for a variety of Vegas Connected service programs. From assistance to military families, homeless residents, to our youth program. All very important and highly needed services in Nevada.


Poker Gives – A DBA of Vegas Connected Inc

Poker Gives was founded by generous poker players as a way to give back and “do good” in our community. And when we say generous, we mean it. Through fundraisers at poker events and private pledges Poker Gives has been able to help hundreds of military families and serve thousands of homeless residents in our community. We supply toiletries, water, clothing and other various survival supplies. Poker Gives is an official fundraising arm of all Vegas Connected Inc programs.

Las Vegas Streethearts – A DBA of Vegas Connected Inc

All of our volunteers are “StreetHearts”. Every Monday night, you can find our volunteer force serving hundreds of meals and distributing clean clothing, towels, and toiletries to area homeless. Feel free to be a StreetHeart too and join us at 200 E Foremaster at the Care Complex at 7PM

While doing outreach in this population, we seek out homeless Veterans and do our best to get them reintroduced to assistance programs provided by the Veterans Administration and other veterans programs.

Vegas Youth Network – A DBA of Vegas Connected Inc

VYN collaborates with area businesses, community and civic organizations to provide under served school age children with needed programs.

Our relationship with Communities and Schools, a non-profit, allows Poker Gives to assist with meals, hygiene items, school supplies and clothing to students who are severely underserved or homeless.

During the holidays, we support students with gift cards to supplement the needs and have a bit of joy with their families.

For the Boots – A DBA of Vegas Connected Inc

We assist military families and homeless vets with support services where there are none. In a perfect world, we take care of our troops, their families and those who served our country. At times, either through policy issues or lack of resources, their needs fall through the cracks.

Every base has a family support center. We support these centers through referral to provide individualized services.

Some services we provide:

  • Payments for medical equipment not covered by insurance
  • Hotel accommodations for out of town medical care
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • In some cases, financial assistance
  • Referral services
  • Helping Homeless Vets Stay Clean & Healthy

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), it is estimated that 39,471 veterans are homeless on any given night. In partnership with our Las Vegas Streethearts program, we attempt to identify homeless veterans and assist with reintegration into the VA system.

Women in Poker Hall of Fame – A DBA of Vegas Connected Inc

The Women in Poker Hall of Fame is designed to honor women in poker who have acquired prominence and have made contributions to the poker world. The Hall, with its charter induction in 2008, also recognizes other friends of Women in Poker Hall of Fame who have contributed significantly to women in poker.

Fund Raising for Poker Gives
The Hall induction ceremony and luncheon acts as a fund raiser for Poker Gives.

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