Pucker Up for Patriots Challenge

ipuckeredup4patriotschallenge2015pucker up
[puhk-er] [uhp]

1. To contract one’s lips as in preparation for a kiss.

The world took on a great campaign called the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to raise funds for ALS ….  it was great and fun for everyone involved!

Well, here at Poker Gives, we have created a campaign to do the same thing… go viral.  Anyone can participate and help raise much needed funds for our troops!

Join us for the “Pucker Up for Patriots” Challenge!  You can help us raise funds by:

  • taking a photo of yourself, or a group of friends “Puckering Up”
  • donate to Poker Gives
  • then post your photo on Twitter to @PokerGives and use the #PuckerUp4Patriots hashtag
  • Also post your photo to Facebook and Instagram!


If you would like to change your profile on Facebook for a day, you can use this image to proclaim your support!


I Donated & Puckered Up for Patriots @PokerGives I Challenge You to Pucker Up Too! #PukerUp4Patriots


pucker2pucker3pucker7pucker6pucker8 pucker5pucker4

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