Monday Night Distributions


In 2023, Poker Gives Provided Over 40,000 Meals

Las Vegas is a very unique city, more so for our homeless population.  We’re a desert valley oasis with no surrounding cities. If you’re homeless in Las Vegas, the likelihood you can seek other opportunities is limited simply by our geographic location.  While many services exist to help individuals in need, Poker Gives has a big impact without a lot of resources. We distribute meals, clothing, toiletries, blankets, water, towels and anything that can be of use to this community. We have some wonderful community partners like Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Whole Foods, and more. Between their food donations, and your support, we create amazing food dishes to share with these families and individuals who would otherwise, have nothing.

Feel free to join us, we’re always in need of volunteers! We can use your time with dishing out meals or donate supplies. It can easily be a life changing opportunity for them, and for you. Every little effort helps and is greatly appreciated!

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